New Jersey Outside General Counsel™

Drafting and Negotiating Contracts

New Jersey Outside General Counsel™ Drafting and Negotiating ContractsThe success and profitability of a business depend largely on its contracts with employees and vendors. A well-defined contract that is negotiated with the end result in mind can prevent expensive litigation and problems with dissatisfied employees and customers. New Jersey Outside General Counsel™ at Nicoll Davis & Spinella LLP provide experience and knowledge in contract drafting and negotiations to businesses committed to success.

Many business owners make the mistake of waiting until a contract dispute occurs before retaining the services of experienced counsel. However, the most important time to consult with an attorney is during the contract drafting and negotiation process. At ND&S, we regularly help clients draft contracts that cover a wide array of issues that not only achieve the desired results, but also prevent expensive contract disputes and litigation. We stand beside business owners at every phase of contract development and negotiations to guarantee the organization’s legal rights and business goals are protected.

Large Variety of Contracts

Our Outside General Counsel™ attorneys have experience drafting and negotiating all types of contracts. We cover employment contracts, confidentiality and non-compete agreements, commercial real estate contracts, subcontracts, mergers and acquisitions, construction contracts, and design/build contracts. We also provide pre-contract investigations of potential employees and businesses to ensure that contracts are made with reputable and desirable clients. ND&S lawyers practice due diligence, taking the time to gather pertinent information and data to ensure successful negotiations and prevent disputes.

Moreover, we define clients’ contractual provisions necessary to meet their business goals. We make sure that contracts include protections against breaches and terminations, and include clauses that clearly define contract terms and damages should disputes arise. Our experienced counsel understand how to write the final expression of a contractual agreement so that any modifications or revisions require written and signed amendments, which are vital in the event disputes arise.

Once contracts are drafted and negotiations have been successfully achieved, our attorneys help management establish internal procedures and protocols that ensure compliance with all stipulations and mandates. Regular corporate compliance checks are necessary to avoid breaches and disputes that can occur from non-compliance. By enforcing contractual maintenance protocols, compliance issues can be identified and addressed before litigation becomes necessary.

Contractual Services to Enhance Business Goals

At Nicoll Davis & Spinella LLP, we provide a wide variety of contractual services for our business clients. Our business contract services include, but are not limited to:

  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Contract system audits
  • Contractual drafting
  • Creation of standard clauses
  • Drafting of contract manuals
  • Contractual system consultations
  • Creation of standard negotiating positions, from beginning positions to “no-less-than” positions
  • Training seminars for contract or procurement personnel
  • Bid response systems reviews

Our attorneys are committed to helping employers and corporations stay current with all relevant business laws. We employ a high standard of ethics with a focus on compliance to avoid costly disputes and litigation that hamper the success of the business. By focusing on risk management, businesses can grow and prosper with unlimited potential.

New Jersey Outside General Counsel™ at Nicoll Davis & Spinella LLP Provide High Quality Assistance With Contract Drafting and Negotiations

New Jersey Outside General Counsel™ at Nicoll Davis & Spinella LLP are dedicated to providing our business clients with experienced legal counsel services that enhance the success of their business. Our attorneys are committed to helping small to medium sized businesses with a wide array of legal services that protect their interests while expanding their potential. Call us in New Jersey at 201-712-1616, in New York at 212-972-0786, in Philadelphia at 215-821-9676, or contact us online to schedule a consultation today.