What Is Outside General Counsel™ And OGC Solutions®?

The Outside General Counsel™ program and OGC Solutions ® at Nicoll Davis & Spinella LLP are designed to provide affordable, high-quality services to work toward your business goals and offer legal guidance whenever needed. We will help you minimize risk through a number of services, including:

  • Starting your business on the right foot
  • Providing human resources and compliance counseling
  • Creating or improving company policies
  • Reviewing contracts and licenses
  • Litigating disputes
  • Completing mergers and acquisitions

Our services go beyond the examples listed above. We will become deeply acquainted with your company and vision so we can customize our work to you.

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Benefits Of OGC

The biggest benefit to Outside General Counsel™ is its affordability. It is not always practical for small or midsize businesses to keep a legal department on staff, but if you do encounter an issue, hourly rates for a lawyer are even more expensive. By enlisting our help at a fixed rate based on your needs, you save and your company's expenses are more predictable.

While hiring an attorney to litigate for you is one option, it is far better to prevent the problem altogether. Our services are comprehensive and focus on reducing your risk of facing legal concerns, problems and challenges before they happen. However, we are available to defend you and your company at any time and at any stage of the problem. Outside General Counsel™ may be the perfect business solution for you.

Interested In Our Program?

To inquire about our program and how we can benefit your business, please contact us online or call 201-254-0777. Our office is in Paramus and we work throughout north and central New Jersey.