Is Mediation Or Arbitration Right For You?

Because of the risks involved in business ventures, it is not uncommon to encounter legal concerns at some point in your company's life. Not all of these issues need to be resolved in court though. Our lawyers at Nicoll Davis & Spinella LLP have experience with dispute resolution alternatives such as mediation and arbitration, which may benefit you in a few ways:

Control Over The Outcome

Because mediation continues until an agreement is reached, you have power over the outcome of the case. While you may have to compromise on some matters, you do not have to accept an outcome as final unless it is an acceptable outcome for you. In litigation, on the other hand, the court makes the final decision.


Trials are kept in public record and can be accessed at any time. When it comes to business matters, confidentiality is incredibly important. In some cases, you are not putting your company at risk by having a public record of the trial, aside from possible damage to your reputation. In other circumstances, keeping the dispute private may be very important.

Less Costly Process

In general, mediation and arbitration are more cost-efficient than court proceedings. The process is often shorter, which decreases costs such as attorney fees. In addition, we offer affordable services at a fixed fee rather than hourly rates.

Ask About Our Alternative Dispute Services

Attorney Jack Spinella is on the New Jersey roster of court-certified mediators. We have strong negotiation skills and experience resolving cases outside of court. Mediation or arbitration may be the business solution you need.

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