We Protect Your Business From Human Resources Risks

The procedures and decisions of a human resources department are perhaps the most important in a given business. Any task performed by human resources carries some amount of legal risk. With the proper plans in place, though, you can significantly reduce the chance of a legal issue arising.

In order to avoid liability, you need to have the ability to navigate a complicated area of business practices. Our attorneys at Nicoll Davis & Spinella LLP can partner with you to develop proper human resources protocol and training. This can include:

  • Training on company policies and ethics
  • Drafting employment agreements
  • Ensuring compliance with OSHA
  • Creating protocol for handling harassment
  • Creating protocol for terminations
  • Internal investigations of company and employee problems

Legal Representation If Issues Arise

While we will put extensive preventative measures in place, legal disputes are still a possibility. Either through accidents, missteps or claims brought against the company, you may find yourself in need of a legal ally. Our lawyers will defend your interests.

We are highly skilled in both mediation and litigation. Some business disputes can be resolved out of court, but we have the experience to litigate on your behalf if negotiation proves to be ineffective.

Proceeding On Your Own Is A Risk

Why risk devastating legal consequences and injury to your reputation by not hiring a business counselor? Email us or call 201-254-0777 to learn more about our cost-efficient services. We are located in Paramus and serve businesses in north and central New Jersey.