We Protect Your Business From Disputes

Every business should set preventative measures in place to decrease the risk of legal disputes. In some circumstances, though, a legal issue may still arise. When this happens, you will want skilled business lawyers on your side.

At Nicoll Davis & Spinella LLP, we offer extensive guidance to lower legal risks when you are making business decisions. However, if a dispute is brought against you, we are also skilled attorneys who know how to handle your situation. We have experience in such cases as:

  • Contract, lease and business disputes
  • Shareholder or partner disputes
  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Toxic tort claims
  • Real estate and estate litigation

Our Cost-Effective Approach To Litigation

Litigation can be quite costly, but our approach aims to minimize those costs. We help businesses reduce risk and pursue out-of-court options for legal matters. We are experienced in negotiation and mediation, so we will work toward a settlement whenever possible. If a trial is necessary, we offer litigation services at an affordable rate compared to other business law firms.

Ask Us About Your Legal Concerns

We recommend an attorney's guidance before legal disputes arise. However, we are also ready to assist if you are currently dealing with a legal problem. Please contact us online or call 201-254-0777 for a consultation. Our office is in Paramus and we serve north and central New Jersey.